A renowned executive in the cannabis industry

A renowned executive in the cannabis industry, George Scorsis is one of the most controversial figures in Florida. His years of experience have made him one of the most sought after businessmen in the state. He is the former chairman of WeedMD and currently serves as trustee of the Agincourt Food Bank. He also serves as the chairman of Scythian Bio Sciences Corp, one of the largest marijuana-growing companies in the United States. Read more at https://georgescorsisnews2019.angelfire.com/.

George Scorsis Florida

After several years in the medical marijuana industry, George Scorsis has stepped down as CEO and Board member of Liberty Health Sciences. He has also been actively involved in the medical marijuana industry in Florida. The entrepreneur has donated to numerous charities and organizations, including Red Bull Canada, but is not facing any criminal charges at the moment. Despite the recent scandal surrounding the executive, George is still working on various initiatives in the state and is committed to continuing his charitable work until the matter is resolved.

Despite the legal turmoil surrounding the marijuana industry, George Scorsis has been an active member of Florida’s business community. He has contributed to the state’s economy in a variety of ways. While he may have recently purchased Starseed, an Ontario-based cannabis firm, George Scorsis has made significant contributions to the state’s medical marijuana industry. There are many other notable contributions made by George.

A veteran of the medical cannabis industry, George Scorsis has spent many years leading Liberty Health Sciences Inc., a multistate operation that he started in 2006. During this time, he emphasized making the environment safe for people who use medical cannabis. The company now has three Florida dispensaries, including the popular Agincourt Food Bank, which offers a free 24-hour delivery service. In addition to being a successful medical marijuana operator, Scorsis is well-equipped to meet the high-stakes demands of the industry’s clients.

A prominent member of the medical cannabis community, George Scorsis Florida has been an executive chairman of WeedMD for years and recently purchased Ontario-based Starseed. His involvement in the medical cannabis industry is extensive, and he continues to be a key player in the state. As a long-term volunteer, George has also given back to charitable causes, such as the Agincourt Food Bank, which recently opened a production facility in Ontario.

As a long-standing businessman, George Scorsis has been actively involved in a number of industries for more than 15 years. He served as president of Red Bull Canada and restructured the company in order to make it profitable. This year, he has branched out into cannabis, which is legal in Florida and has huge implications for the marijuana industry. He has also become an active member of the Florida business community.

As a Florida native, George Scorsis is actively involved in many industries. In the medical marijuana industry, he was an active contributor and board member. He also donated to several organizations, including Red Bull Canada. Despite his arrest, the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences will continue to serve as interim CEO until a replacement is found. However, despite this arrest, he has been a significant contributor to the medical marijuana industry and benefactor to the state of Florida.

While George Scorsis’ background in cannabis is quite impressive, he is a relatively unknown name in the industry in the state. Although he has been involved in WeedMD for years, he has recently acquired Starseed, a company in Ontario. Whether he’ll charge the former Red Bull Canada president or not, the cannabis industry is a major part of his business experience. He will be a major player in Florida.

As CEO of the Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis is also president of Red Bull Canada. While he has retired from his role in Florida, he remains active in the local business community. In Gainesville, he has been active in the community for years, and is currently a Board member of WeedMD. He has a long history of philanthropy in Florida. In addition to his business career, Scorsis also enjoys serving the community by volunteering in the city’s food bank.