Building a Website to rival the News from India

Global News Wire, formerly known as Global News Agency (GNHA), is a French-founded company specializing in news and information delivery. Launched in 2020, it is based in New York City and contributes news content from around the world to its website. According to their promotional literature, they seek to provide consumers with “breaking” news stories that present “alternative views on world events.” They are partially owned by Rene Faucher, who also acts as the company’s CEO.

Global News Wire

Global News Wire-nov 30, 2020. Wafaa El Sadr, PhD, MPA, global president of ICAP, has been featured in a Nov 30th article by Global News Wire that reported that ICAP had been awarded a six-year, $1.5 million grant from the U.S National Institutes of Health (NIH) as part of their broader effort to create a web site focused on health topics. Dr. El Sadr is the director of the Institute of Mental Health, University of California – Davis; he is also a professor at the university’s Neuropsychological Institute. According to the article, Dr. El Sadr will lead a team of experts to develop the web site and help it gain a highly ranking in the search engine results.

Global News Wire was among several news agencies to receive a share of this funding. The other organizations included news agencies from Germany, Japan, Spain and Sweden. This is not the first time a news agency has received a grant from an institute such as this one. In fact, it is the third grant they have ever received. It is worth noting that a major reason behind this particular web site is to create content specifically for an American audience.

Dr. El Sadr states that his web site will focus on providing up-to-date medical information to the readers of his site. This is unlike the other news agencies mentioned above who are all primarily interested in providing information to the general public. This is a positive step forward for a web site attempting to expand their services beyond their existing news outlets. Although El Sadr envisions expanding his web site’s scope even further into the medical arena, he notes that he is open to working with any other experts in the field if it will enhance his business.

Global News Wire also plans on using some original content to cover their stories. Although they already have several reporters on the job, they plan on hiring additional writers once the site begins generating traffic. They state that this will be done “solely” for the purpose of providing more original content to their readers. In addition, they state that they are not looking for any outside help but rather that a fulltime writer is on the payroll as of now. However, this position will be filled by someone with previous experience in this field. Therefore, it appears that Global News Wire is taking a sensible approach by hiring someone who knows what he or she is doing and has experience in writing for the web.

The new staff at Global News Wire looks to be an extremely serious business that is building a reputation on its web site. The company continues to work hard to attract visitors and seems to be taking its website and their new services very seriously. If this trend continues, it is quite likely that the popularity of Global News Wire will continue to grow. In the end, it appears that the site is moving into the realm of being one of the top information sources online.