Flat Roofing York

Flat Roofing York: When it comes to installation, TA Roofing is now officially approved installers of CorkTee Foam Foil Backing and RubberbondTM FleeceBack Felt. Unlike most felt roofing which can only last five-to-ten years, CorkTee Foam Foil Backing and RubberBondTM Felt are proving to last up to 50 years. Whether you are installing a new flat roof or just repairing your existing flat roof, the new rubber backed products offer a long lasting solution.

Flat Roofing and Flat Shine: It’s common for homeowners who are not familiar with rubber backed roof products to confuse them with felt roofing. The difference is not in the actual product but rather the way it is installed and maintained. With a traditional felt roof, the roof will not last for more than a few years because its adhesive holds the roof together and does not allow water drainage. On a rubber backed roof, the adhesive allows water drainage and the rubber backing allow air flow which prevents mold from forming on the roof.

Flat Roofing and Flat Shine: In addition to their long-lasting ability to provide a long lasting roof, other benefits of rubber backed roofing systems include: – They don’t need to be replaced as often as traditional felt products – They require very little maintenance – They do not contain chlorine which can Leach out of the roof and get into the ground water in your yard. Also, the rubber backed roof products have no backing or flashing to keep dirt and debris out of the roof and soil from entering the foundation or basement of the house.

Flat Roofing and Flat Shine: Because rubber backed roof systems require very little maintenance, many homeowners choose to use them as soon as they begin to experience damage to their roof such as peeling paint or mildew. With so little upkeep required, it’s important to look for an experienced professional installation company that has the right tools and equipment to ensure proper installation and maintenance and to ensure the roof remains strong and long lasting.

Flat Roofing and Flat Shine: Newer rubber backed installations in New York include the use of the CorkTee Foam Foil Backing and Rubberbond TM Felt systems. In fact, the two new rubber backed systems are now certified by New York City to provide superior performance and durability for all applications.

Flat Roofing and Flat Shine: New York’s TA roofers know that if you take the time to select a professional installer with the right tools and equipment, your roof will be one of a kind, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your investment will stand the test of time. – TA Roofers provides certified installers who have the skills and tools necessary to install a rubber backed roof system, and they also know which materials are best suited for your roof needs.