League of Legends Coaching

League Coaching

If you want to improve your League of Legends play, it is a good idea to hire a League Coaching service. Such services provide League of Legends coaching from professional players who have been playing the game for years. Most coaches are based in different locations, so you can choose a coach according to your time zone. You can even chat with them to ask for help. Make sure that you check their reputations and credentials first. Then, hire one who meets your needs.

Gamer Sensei

Whether you are looking for personalized 1-on-1 coaching in competitive video games or are simply looking to improve your gaming skills, Gamer Sensei is the place to go. With over 100,000 gamers coached and over 300 coaches, Gamer Sensei is the world’s leading esports coaching platform. With Gamer Sensei, you can work with your favorite gamer coach and control your hours and format.

Coaches at Gamer Sensei are renowned game teachers and are past esports pros who are eager to help you reach your goals. Coaches have detailed bios, have played competitive games, and have passed a 5-stage application process. These coaches will give you full attention and make you better at your game. Taking the time to improve your skills through coaching will pay off in the long run.

Gosu AI

If you’re looking for an esports training tool, consider Gosu AI for League Coaching. This platform provides advanced machine learning technology to help competitive gamers become better at the game they love. Gosu AI uses data from gaming matches to make learning recommendations that will improve your skills and your game. Once you download the Gosu AI for League Coaching application, you can use it for free on your Steam account.


When it comes to the game of League of Legends, there is no better coach to help you improve your skills than the one at Isles League Coaching. Although the majority of League games last about 30 minutes, it is important to buy the three to four items that will improve your current situation. This is because, in League, you can always sell them back to vendors later. Besides, a good coach will tell you where your weaknesses are and what you can do to improve.

Professional players in League of Legends earn around $1 million a year. While this is not an unrealistic goal, it is still far from a full-time living. During his peak eSports career, Isles earned around $500 per month. That wasn’t nearly enough to sustain his lifestyle, so he looked for another way to make money and signed up for League Coaching. A year after signing up for his coaching sessions, he became the highest-ranked amateur in his region.

Isles’ own coaches

The Isles’ own coaches in League Coaching are available to players for a fee of $25 per hour. The video includes an introduction to the game, an explanation of how “warding” works, and a diagram of the main map of the game, called Summoner’s Rift. There are three lanes, separated by jungle, with each requiring a different strategy. The middle lane is where Lux thrives, since it is the fastest route between the game’s two bases. Isles’ video demonstrates the pitfalls of mid-laning, and the coach points out the places where players often struggle.

After choosing an instructor, you’ll need to complete your League of Legends Summoner Profile. League Coaching will schedule the lessons and ask you to fill out a questionnaire to help the coach make a customized lesson plan for you. Payment for the lesson must be made via PayPal at least six hours before the session. The Isles’ own coaches in League Coaching are also available for hire. The team’s roster is now complete.

LoL Coach Academy

The best way to pay for LOL coaching is to watch VOD reviews. This way, you are guaranteed that the next challenger will win. Of course, free coaching is also available, but you will only learn how to play the game better and not focus on your mindset. There are many benefits of paying for the coaching provided by League Coach Academy. Here are some of them:

The Gamer Sensei coaches are great at team fights and have years of experience coaching others. If you have a specific ranking goal, your coach can help you get there faster. There are two different types of coaching offered by League Coach Academy: One on one and group. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can choose the best option for you. The LoL Coach Academy prefers to coach players all the way up to Diamond, but you can also choose other services such as League of Legends coaching.