Reasons Why No One is Picking Up Your Package

Reasons behind no one picking up your package

Have you ever received a package from the USPS, only to find out that no one was home to accept it? Perhaps there was something blocking access or you weren’t home to receive it. Perhaps you accidentally paid for the wrong shipping amount, or something was blocking the driver’s way inside. Whatever the reason, these are all reasons why a package might be delayed in reaching you. Here are a few possible explanations for this problem:

Fragile packages

Did you know that fragile packages are one of the main reasons why no one is picking up your package? These packages are often in poor condition, so if you want to avoid this, you must carefully package fragile items. Make sure to place them in a padded box and write “fragile” on the outside of the box. Even if you do this, fragile packages can still fall, so make sure to package them properly. The shipping agency is responsible for ensuring that the package does not come in a deteriorated state.

You can choose from a few different shipping services to ship fragile items. You should always label fragile packages with the Special Handling-Fragile sticker. This shipping service provides extra care for your fragile items, but it does not include insurance or expedited delivery. Find out more about this service by reading the USPS FAQ page. You can also try to ship your packages through a retail store. Check out for more tips.

Drivers can’t find the package

If you’ve been wondering why your UPS package has not arrived, there are a few reasons why it might not have been picked up by the driver. For one, drivers often use plastic bags to protect packages. But if your package is in the bag, the driver might simply forget to take it home. If this happens, you can initiate a UPS trace, or follow up with UPS to find out what happened.

Drivers forget to pick up packages

Despite the convenience of parcel delivery, sometimes parcels are missed. Sometimes this is through no fault of the sender. In such cases, the recipient may be left to go and retrieve the missed parcel. Normally, the recipient is provided with a slip that explains the reason for the missed delivery, as well as a collection location. In some cases, the delivery driver forgets to leave a slip or fails to pick it up altogether.